Rental Terms

Check In / Out Times
Check IN TIME will be at 3 p.m. (Acapulco Time / Central Standard Time)
Check OUT TIME will be at 1 p.m. (Acapulco Time / Central Standard Time)
The customer may request permission to check-in two hours before, or check-out two hours after, the designated times. Permission will depend on villa availability, and it must be received in writing.
Service Staff
The villa staff is at your service daily from 8 am until 10 pm. Service outside these hours will be billed at $8 USD per staff member, per hour. Gratuities are not included in the daily rate. Please check our welcome packet for tipping guidelines. We advise that all tips and extra hours be paid in cash directly to the villa staff.
If the customer informs Acapulco Vacation Villas in advance of a desire to cancel a reservation, Acapulco Vacation Villas will endeavor to rent the property to other clients. If the property is booked by other clients for the period in question, Acapulco Vacation Villas may reimburse deposits or issue a credit to be applied to a subsequent rental within 12 months of the original reservation. Acapulco Vacation Villas OFFERS NO GUARANTEE OF REIMBURSEMENT OR CREDITS. Acapulco Vacation Villas must be informed of all cancellations in advance, in writing.
During the period of Christmas and New Year, there will not be any reimbursements or credits if the customer cancels the reservation.
Outside Visitors
Guests visiting the occupants in your villa should not exceed 50% of the total persons occupying the villa or condominium. This is because the staff and service (dishes, glasses, towels, etc.) may not be able to accommodate them properly. Please advise Acapulco Vacation Villas if you wish to make use of the villa or condominium for entertainment. You must receive previous authorization from Acapulco Vacation Villas, in writing, if you wish to do so.
Security Deposit
A refundable security deposit is required to rent a condominium or villa. The actual amount varies depending on the property, and it ranges between USD$200 and USD$1,000 dollars. This refundable security deposit is held against any property damages or long-distance phone calls incurred during a guest’s stay. If no charges are incurred, the security deposit is refunded 7 days after departure.