Just 4 Kids

Acapulco for Kids
Acapulco also offers an abundance of activities that create a true tropical paradise for children. A child’s demand for fun and a parent’s need to “get away from it all,” blend magically in Acapulco!!! Here are some suggested activities and places to visit. Older children, who might enjoy more challenging water sports, can take advantage of Acapulco’s endless array of Pacific Ocean recreation, including water-skiing, snorkeling and windsurfing.
Cici Water Park
CiCi waterpark located along the Acapulco Bay is a family-oriented theme park with great wave pools, seal and dolphin shows, toboggan slides and an array of water attractions for all ages. This park is a ‘can’t miss’ attraction for children of all ages. In addition to the enchanting animal shows and aquarium, a water slide and wave pool, CiCi offers dolphin swims that provide an unforgettable and up-close experience for the entire family.
Magico Mundo Marino
This aquarium in Acapulco is so much more than just an aquarium; there are activities for the whole family, so you can spend a whole day having fun. Possibilities include: slides into the sea, various water sports, exotic tropical trained birds, plenty of souvenirs, a projection room, marine museum, restaurant with a panoramic view of Caleta and Caletilla beaches and La Roqueta Island, a seal show and a diving show. There are also freshwater and saltwater swimming pools.
Roqueta Island
This is a small island located in front of Caleta and Caletilla beaches. It is a protected nature reserve with hiking trails and two beaches. You could spend the day around the beach swimming, snorkeling, and sampling some seafood, but it's worth taking a hike up the hill to the lighthouse to see the amazing view from the top. To get there, visitors must take a boat that leaves from Playa Caletilla. Take one with a glass bottom so you can admire the underwater life. There are thousands of spiny sea urchins, multicolored fish and a two-ton bronze statue of the Virgin of Guadalupe which was placed underwater to protect the local fishermen. Visitors will also be able to see the boatmen diving in the water to feed the fish in order to bring them under the glass bottom. The surf at La Roqueta is soft and peaceful, with fine sand. Once there, you will find three restaurants with bar service.
Puerto Marquéz bay and beach
This is a beautiful bay that offers families many activities by the water and safe, calm waters for the children. Located just a short ways from the Costera area of Acapulco, you can get to Bahia de Puerto Marques by boat, taxi, bus or car. There is a lot to do on this bay, with swimming and water-skiing both being very common. This is a perfect spot for hot days. What better way to cool off than on a pair of water skis. The waves are very calm so water sports can be done with confidence, even for children. If you're interested in learning about snorkeling, diving or waterskiing, this is the perfect place to try it with the calm waves and clean water. If you need the equipment, you won't have far to walk to be able to rent banana boats or Jet Skis. Other fun activities for the family are parachute rides or just taking a tour of the bay on a boat with a tour guide.
Movie Theatres
There are several movie theatres in town. Please note that some of the children's movies are dubbed into Spanish, so be sure to ask for the show that is in English so your children can understand.
  • Gran Plaza
  • Galerias Diana
  • CinemaAhorro
Children’s Entertainment Centers
There are two children’s entertainment centers in Acapulco:
  • Recorcholis (located in the Gran Plaza Mall)
    This is a fun, protected area where children may play bowling, arcade games, fair games, race car simulators, kiddie rides, air hockey, skill games and many activities. Many games award tickets which can be exchanged for prizes.
  • Fun Island (located in the Galerias Diana Mall)
    It is smaller than Recorcholis, and has many arcade and skill games. Many games award tickets which can be exchanged for prizes.
Turtle release Program
It is located in Barra Vieja, along the main coastal highway, Carretera Acapulco Pinotepa, kilometer 32. The turtle camp staff finds endangered sea turtle nests and bring the eggs to the camp, to incubate in a protected area safe from poachers and predators. When the baby turtles hatch, they make sure the hatchlings at least make it into the water, by taking them down to the ocean and releasing them in large groups so some have a chance of survival. Your family may participate in releasing the cute baby turtles. A small $2 donation is requested to help maintain the program.
You can go bowling in the Plaza Bahia Mall (located in Magallanes near the Diana). This place opens at 12:00 noon, closes at 12 midnight, and it is a really fun thing to do with the entire family!
San Diego Fortress
Several blocks south of the zócalo is the Fuerte de San Diego, a fort built in the 18th century to protect the city against pirate attacks. The fort is very well preserved and houses a museum with some interesting displays pertaining to Mexico's history. This is another, easy to get to, attraction that is very enjoyable to the younger set. The Fort of San Diego Historical Museum brings to life Acapulco’s vivid past. Overlooking Acapulco’s bustling harbor, the Fort of San Diego was originally built in 1616 and was rebuilt in the 18th century. Here children can relive the days when the fort was used to ward off the attacks of marauding pirates, such as Sir Francis Drake, or brave the final battle of the Mexican War for Independence. The Fort has undergone extensive renovations and areas have been restored as they were when the fort was occupied more than 200 years ago.
Piccolo Mondo
This activity center offers you the safest, newest and most amusing facilities for the children´s relaxation and psicomotor development while sharing with their parents. There’s also PICCOLO GYM, Early Multiple Stimulation with the most complete and adequate program for your baby. It is open from 10am to 8 pm, daily.